Toyota Raize 2021

Toyota Raize

Toyota Raize 2021, Maximum safety for every passenger to provide total peace of mind and excitement in every journey.

toyota raize

Toyota Raize 2021 tersedia dalam pilihan mesin Bensin di Indonesia SUV baru dari Toyota hadir dalam 8 varian. Bicara soal spesifikasi mesin Toyota Raize, ini ditenagai dua pilihan mesin Bensin berkapasitas 998 cc. Raize tersedia dengan transmisi Manual and CVT tergantung variannya. Raize adalah SUV 5 seater dengan panjang 4030 mm, lebar 1710 mm, wheelbase 2525 mm. serta ground clearance 200 mm.

Toyota Raize 2021 - All New Raize GR Sport

Modern Two Toned Roof With a chic black color combined with the two color options to enhance the quirky and exciting outlook of the car. (All 1.0T Type)
Sleek Interior Design With a fabric and leather combination and advanced features to give a convenient and comfortable driving experience. (All 1.0T GR Sport Type)
Illuminating Headlamp (All Type) DRL & Sequential Turn Lamp With a bright LED lights, daytime running light and modern and premium turn sign to give you both maximum visibility and prestigious feeling. (All 1.0T GR Sport Type)
Adaptable Auto A/C Controlling the cabin temperature level effectively and precisely. (All 1.0T GR Sport Type)
Extra Spacious Baggage A wide trunk space for each and every one of your stuffs, from daily to recreational. (All Type)
Smart Entry with Push Start Button Keyless car door and start engine button for a more convenient entry. (All Type)
Auto Retractable Mirror Convenient feature for the side mirror to automatically fold after the car’s locked. (All Type)
Interactive 9’ Head Unit Providing vast array of entertainments for your enjoyable driving experience. (All 1.0T Type)
17′ Black Wheels With elegant black wheels for a tougher and exclusive look. (Black on All 1.0T GR Sport Type, Silver Dual Tone on 1.0T G Type)
7’ TFT MID Wider screen with interactive display to give you all the essential informations you need. (All Type)
LED Rear Combi Lamp Bright and easily visible rear lamp to alert the other car and our position. (All Type)
Power Mode Switch Amp up your drive with a more precise and powerful energy distribution when you accelerate. (All CVT Type)

Spesifikasi Lengkap Toyota Raize

Tempat Duduk5 Kursi
Mesin998 cc
Tenaga97 hp
Power SteeringYa
Kantong Udara PengemudiYa
Anti Lock Braking SystemYa
Ground Clearance200 mm
Harga Toyota Raize 2021
Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo G MTRp 219,9 Juta
Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo G CVTRp 233,1 Juta
Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo GR Sport CVTRp 244,7 Juta
Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo GR Sport CVT TSSRp 263,7 Juta